Jill Lawrence, CPO-CD ®
Certified Professional Organizer in Chronic Disorganization

Jill-of-all-Trades Organizing Services
Founded in January 1996
Licensed and Insured

Serving Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

“Chaos... junk... mess... stuff... piles... stress!” Clients say they’ve had enough!! They call to say that as hard as they try, they are unable to downsize the clutter and find simplicity, balance, or even a pair of shoes that match!
Rosellin's Messy Room

What about you?
Do you need a hand or two with all that clutter?

Does the prospect of organizing alone feel so boring and confusing that even if you try, you never accomplish the changes you desire? If you’ve read articles full of tips to help you prioritize and organize, but the piles keep growing anyway, take heart, you’ve come to the right place for help!

As you can see by the Jill-of-all-Trades picture and logo, the idea that motivates Jill is to help clients burst out of their boxes.

  •  Throw open those lids.
  •  Pull out those tired boxes and bags of delayed decisions.
  •  Donate items to those who really need them and can use them.
  •  Be delighted by re-discovering some of your long-lost favorites.

Client Stories

Maybe you are living as part of a family with ADHD or depression or other health challenges; or perhaps you face the monumental task of dealing with an inheritance of stuff in the midst of grief.

Or, is this closer to your story?

“I’m just an entrepreneur looking for a way to keep my desktop clear, get better control of my schedule, improve my skills at project management and slow down that junk mail.”

Or, maybe this is more like you?

“Heck! I’m ready for some major downsizing yesterday. I’ve tried the Fly Lady, hired a cleaning service, but I still have no structure for any storage in my house. Even if I did, I would need help finding auctions or a way to sell on eBay. So I just block it out and focus on researching my family tree.”
Dream It...Live It!
  •  Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to transform the space where you live or work to match that peaceful sanctuary you see in your dreams?

  •  What would it feel like if you had a simple, visible storage structure for your stuff and an easy-to-see and retrieve file systems for your papers?

  •  Imagine...no regrets about not accomplishing what you really want!!
Achieving this new order would finally make it possible for you to renovate or decorate your space. You could leave for work or vacation feeling proud and relaxed and be totally excited to return to your comfortable habitat.

A client’s surprising experience

Before I called Jill I believed that the organizing process would be dreadful, boring and ineffective and any professional organizer would be judgmental because it was just all so overwhelming. BUT...Jill was fun and funny and I found the experience to be transformative, liberating, amazing and enlightening...and a little sad because I wasted so much time living in that mess.”

M.F., Attorney